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For everyone who is having "trouble with the G-System driver."

I can't say this enough. THERE IS NO G-SYSTEM DRIVER!! If you think that the problem is with the G-System driver, are hallucinating. Sort of like blaming the crumbs on your sheets on a troll under who lives under your bed.

The G-System uses the built-in, generic MIDI driver that is provided by the operating system. That driver is known to be extremely stable (at least on Vista and Win7 - I don't know about XP) and is widely used in the industry, including by MIDI giants like M-Audio.

We know that some of the problems encountered are with bad drivers from other vendors interfering with the Microsoft-provided drivers. We also have evidence that some specific Dell machines have a USB implementation that is a bit scrwed up. It also would not suprise me if there were a hickup or two in the G-System on-board USB stack - but we don't have much evidence of that, to be honest. But there is no problem with the "G-System driver that TC provided" - because there isn't one.

If you have a problem with connectivity between your computer and the G-System, look at some OTHER issue as a starting point.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

That don't get us nearer a solution to a major problem! All of us, but a few, are aware of the G-System making use of the class-compliant driver in the Windows operating system.
Lot's of DAW-users still rely on XP Pro, others Win7, which has different issues when it comes  to class-compliency MIDI-wise.

Maybe someone in here with a deep and healthy insight in hard- and software-knowledge has the time to dig deeper into the problem.

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Laird, there is simply no other explanation for the crumbs on my sheets.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

I'm just wondering... does anyone from TC have anything to say on this that might help us?

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

I'm not a TC rep, but...

TC can't possibly be expected to support third party software/products.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

I AM the troll that lives under your bed.  Munch, munch... haaaaahhaaaa more crumbs.

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Mr You,

Your statement might seem reasonable if read out of context, BUT there must be something wrong with the G System USB implementation.

Think about this, the G System is the ONLY USB device that my PC has had problems with... the only one.  I have gone through the troubleshooting in the Vyzor's manual and trouble shooting guide, powered hub, you name it, I've tried it.  I've used Sony cams, external hard drives, I use Pro Tools, mBox 2 which is USB, M-Audio Keystation (USB also), and numerous other USB devices and I have not had any trouble with the 10 device limit or anything.  I've tried disabling every USB device except my mouse and keyboard, etc.  Btw, I cleaned my registry, USB ghost devices, everything.  Every USB device works except the G System.  I understand there's no G System driver and all.  More power to me then, as all other devices that use windows driver work fine, except the G System.

I am still hoping we'll get something from TC or Vyzor Tony...

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Bearing in mind that there have been no reports I can recall of the editor having USB problems on a Mac, it's difficult to see how the PC-based problems are down to TC's bad implementation.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Allow me to recitfy... I don't believe the issue would involve the Vyzor Team, because I simply can't get past Windows XP Pro SP3 on my Dell Precision 380 to "seeing" or "recognizing" the G System succesfully.  A borrowed Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista that I tried did see the G System, and I was able to upgrade to 4.02 via USB using my daughter's iMac.  Maybe it's Windows XP or something with Dell... Who knows...?

Since we're past Windows XP, hey we're past Vista now, I doubt this issue will get any attention from anybody.  This is my last post on this issue, and I guess I'll just have to wait until I update my computer in the future...

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions


After 3.0 update my laptop stopped recognizing G-System. I can still use it with my second PC without a problem. I tried all USB ports, new, clean Windows XP install, took care of all Logitech stuff and still no success. On the other hand - I have two M-Audio keyboards that use exactly the same driver and they are detected without a problem, so it is only G-System issue. I found workaround - cheap Hama USB-powered hub (so it is not power issue since it drags voltage from laptop) did the trick.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Having a Dell Inspiron as a moveable DAW with my recording system I wanted to be able to hook the G-System up to this ... but had the same trivial problems as many of you.
It finally ended fine with a powered hub and no Logitech c*** drivers. The Vyzor worked perfect.
Two weeks ago my XP would'nt recognize the G anymore (Maybe after having tried several new auxiliaries through USB.

The following solution helped (found it on the Net):

1. Turn of you PC and unplug it from the mains (remove battery if a laptop).
2. Unplug all your USB devices from your PC (and any power supplies as well)
3. Wait 5 minutes.
4. Plug in your essential USB devices (keyboard, mouse).
5. Plug in your PC, turn it on.
6. Pop in the rest of your USB devices.

This may in many cases refresh the USB-stack. It did in my case.

Btw. Dell uses the Windows drivers for USB (no quirk's here) but have admitted that the powering though the USB-ports are too weak in several cases.

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Thanks Peter,

This one I had not tried, but unfortunately for me, it did not work either.

The first deviced I tried (after keyboard and mouse) was the G System.  I tried connecting the G System via a powered USB hub, and also connecting it directly to different USB ports in my PC (5 in the back and 2 in the front), but I got the same message and it was not recognized.

I think it did refresh the USB-stack, because I had to reinstall drivers for m-audio keystation, mbox 2 etc.

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Yet ANOTHER Windows XP (SP 3) user who can't get the Firmware Update software to see the G System.  I too cleaned my registry and deleted the ghost drivers but still no luck.  I tried every USB port on my lap top. 

What gives here? Is there no longer any support by TC electronic for Windows XP users? I had no problem last year updating to 3.0 firmware and have not added any other MIDI or USB devices to my PC so something DEFINITELY has changed on the product side.  I mean how can you create a product then suddenly decide to change it's compatbility mid stream without any notification to the users of said product?? Common sense dictates that all new products/updates be backwards compatible.  If this is not the case then WHERE'S THE FIX?

Has ANYONE from TC had ANYTHING to report on this?  Should they not be communicating with Microsoft regarding this at the very least?

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Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Johnny, from this forum (user-to-user) I try to find quick answers and experience from other users.  Although the monitor and try to help with issues posted here, this is not the official TC support.  I suggest, you also send an actual email to TC Support about this issue.  I have, but never even got the confirmation email back.  Maybe something went wrong when I hit send or something.  I have sent another one.

The only input I had was from Stephan@TC and he seemed as puzzled as I am about this issue, and hoped "I" would be able to resolve the issue...

Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Thanks.  Already done.  Read every thread I could and also e-mailed TC directly.  Still haven't heard anything yet.  Perhaps they're too busy at NAMM schmoozing with the pros and hawking the Polytune instead of worrying about their existing customers...I dunno. I hope not.

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yup yup yup


Re: G-System Driver Misconceptions

Anybody know the actual windows driver file name and where I can download the latest version for Windows XP Pro?