Topic: "manual" killdry per preset

I have an idea of how to get around the global killdry if one should want to.
I have a g major 2 and i am getting a  suhr minimix2 with a dry mute.

In paralell for example if I am only using a dlay and reverb, I could  just  set routing to paralell , activate all the paralell blocks , set  mix100% and level to 0 on every block except reverb and delay. The preset could then be named so that i know what block thats active. the only thing coming out of the gmajor would be wet delay and wet reverb.
And if I want it in serial i just mute the dry in the mixer and use a regular preset.
I have tried  with an old g major and a minimix 1 and iit seemed to work although it  required some extra programming for the paralell presets.
in this way i could in theory use it both in series or in parallel per preset.

what do you think?/ Es-347