Topic: channel switching with ground control pro and peavey 6505


Im trying to setup my G major to switch on the effects loop of my amp whenever I select a preset. I don't really have a need for the G major to switch between the other channels because I primarily just use the red channel on the 6505. I understand that I will need to connect a trs cable from the g major relay to my heads footswitch jack. What are the settings I will need to program into the G major as far as the relays go? And are there any I will also have to put into the ground control pro for this to work? Im pretty unfamiliar with midi. Will I have to use these midi CCs that i have been reading about?

Re: channel switching with ground control pro and peavey 6505

No you won't have to do anything to your Ground control pro. With the GM2 you can control 4 channels with a trs jack into the footswitch jack input of your amp. If you only need to switch frome channel 1 to channel 2, you only need standard cable. Trs cable are only for multi swtiching. Then you'll have to program every preset with the right channel controller in the routing menu.