Topic: TC Polytune tuner versus Peterson Strobostomp vs Turbo Tuner ST200


Like a lot of people, I am curious about the new Polytune tuner from TC and would like to hear from actual owners: Beyond the hip and cool marketing videos, how does it actually perform?

For most of my guitar and bass playing life, I have not used any tuner, which was good for my ears. However, having accumulated several instruments and wanting to record several layers, I came to the realization that each instrument is tuned, but not perfectly in E; so it takes time for me to readjust all instruments.. Nothing very new here I am sure!

I would like to get a really good tuner (something that does not take 4 strums to get the right name of the string and that does not tell me it is an E and then a G and then...). My research led me to believe that the Peterson Strobe tuner was an industry Pro-level standard (used by high profile guitar techs). Yet, online videos show that the Turbo Tuner ST 200 recognizes notes way quicker and does not make you as "sea sick" as the Strobostomp's screen ( smile )

Which would you recommend? It would be mostly for studio recordings, preferably in pedal format.

TC Electronics's Youtube marketing is not convincing to me (as a lot of interviewees say "yeah, this product X from TC is awesome, the best I have ever seen", yet you go on their websites and they endorse and play another brand with no mention of the product X from TC). So I am just trying to separate the marketing aspect from the actual performance of the item.


Re: TC Polytune tuner versus Peterson Strobostomp vs Turbo Tuner ST200

They are both made in China, both are very accurate.  I have owned both.  I had to send the first Peterson back (version one which they had quickly replaced with the blue version with better jacks).  I've had 2 Polytunes and have sent both back.  Definitely not unity gain or true bypass...or they were both defective.  I have played professionally for 40 years and I'm tech savy.   My cable were all good.  Tried everything and still massive loss in signal.  I think they were a little rushed putting it out.  It's beautiful to look at, tunes well...but short on the most important parts.