Topic: Loooong reverb

I´ve had the Nova System for some time and I really like it!

Sometimes I´m in need of the huge arena-reverb (Jeff Beck kind of sound). I have only found those reverbs in Space Designer (Logic plugin) and Lexicon + Eventide rackunits. Also my Cyber Twin has a very good arena-reverb. I´ve tried to mix delay + reverb to extend the reverb sound, but I´m not satisfied. When pushing the hall-reverb to much, the tone get´s a bad taste...

Would it be possible to add a new algoritm into the Nova System in order to get the huge reverb? Or is there any other ways of doing it?

...thx for helping out, or thx TC for updating the software, the way I want...

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Re: Loooong reverb

I use a Huge Plate with a long decay, easy on the mix. I can send post my settings if still interested. Your post is three years old, do you probably found what you were looking for already.

Re: Loooong reverb

I tried this, based on your suggestion. Except I ran the mix up to 70-80%... oooh that's like a volume swell without spinning the pot! I like it!  Thanks for the tip!