Topic: BH 500 speaker configuration

Question is , I currently use it on a Marshall 4-10 bass bottom. 4 Ohm. I would like to purchase a TC Electronic bottom, either a BC410 or a RS 410……can I use the BH 500 with the BC410 and the Marshall bottom? Each would be rated at 4 ohms, since the amp has only one speaker output I would think this drops the ohms too low?
If I used the 8 ohm RS410 and the Marshall it would be an 8 ohm (RS410) and  a 4 ohm (Marshall) speaker load. 
Don’t wanna damage the amp, dropping the Ohms load too low….Most of the time I will be using the TC bottom, but adding the Marshall for large gigs.

Re: BH 500 speaker configuration

Hi ZonBass,
We can't garantee that it works with both BC410 or the Marshall.
We can only garantee the 2 ohm rating on our own cabs