Topic: Flashback Problem. Emitting very loud white noise and a=440 tone

I have 3 Flashback delays and have used them for 2 years now, gigging heavily here in Seattle, Wa.. The main Flashback pedal I 've been using since 2011 is/was pretty much always on (with a Steve Morse toneprint setting with a very short modulated slapback). A month ago it abruptly began howling and hissing while in the middle of an important gig. I bypassed it and finished out the show as best I could.
I took it off the board and tried it at home and it still does it without fail in ALL settings. Sound is best described as a loud hissing white noise with a steady tone that is very close to A-440.

Since it is past warranty, I have a dilemma. I am wary of using the other 2 Flashbacks in a live setting for fear they are going to randomly erupt like the above described one and embarrass me and the band.
Does anyone know what this hissing/noise is caused by or had it happen on their pedal? Is there anything I can try to get it working again, or am I just stuck with a very cool looking paper weight now?
Would love to get to the bottom of it as I love what these delays do when working properly. Thanks.

Re: Flashback Problem. Emitting very loud white noise and a=440 tone

I'm having what I think is the same problem (shrill noise when I turn my Flashback on). Did you get an answer from anyone on the forum (it appears not, but maybe with a private message) or TC Electronic support team ?