Topic: TC Electronics Please Make An Intelligent Harmonizer... a tone print series pedal.  That would make for some great artist toneprints.  It's something I'd really appreciate.  Seems easy enough to do. 

By the way, I really like the tone print series because I've simplified my pedalboard to a few of what are essentials for me and the pedals are like Swiss army knives in their versatility and dependability.  I can fit everything in a small, neat place, and choose where I want buffers, etc.  So I have a nice handful of TC Electronics pedals and they are all in the chain and in front of the inputs.  Not that I haven't had many, many vintage classic pedals (and still a few) to compare these to and they come out very favorably. 

A good Tremolo pedal would be nice as well. 

But a good intelligent harmonizer would be a leap forward (and highly sought after, heh heh).  In stereo?  Please?  Thank you in advance.  :~)