Topic: Flashback Delay Cut Out

Hi All,

I recently purchased a Flashback Delay and it cuts out frequently.

What happens is, I turn the pedal on and use it, then stop playing and the pedal will switch itself off (I don't hit the button) after only a brief pause in playing (like minutes). I then cannot turn the pedal back on via the switch.

This has happened several times and each time I have taken the battery out, pulled out the cables, then but the battery in and plug the cables back and I can SOMETIMES get the pedal working again - however, frequently I cannot (the light does not come on at all). After leaving the pedal for several hours, I can normally get the pedal again.

Unfortunately, I have hit a standstill and I have been unable to get the pedal powered up this time.

Any advice?

As for setup, I have the guitar, the flashback delay, then the amp....simple and straight forward. I have not changed the bypass switches from their original position.

Any help would be appreciate. When I have had the thing work, the sound is awesome.


Re: Flashback Delay Cut Out

Have you tried it running on a 9v power supply?
The Flashback uses a fair amount of power and can drain a 9v battery in just a matter of minutes. Batteries sometimes 'recover' a bit of juice if left for a while.
If that's not the problem, then contact tc support or return it to the retailer for a replacement if it's still in warranty

Re: Flashback Delay Cut Out

ok....thank-you very much. It seems to have solved the problems. Wow, they drain the battery really fast, don't they?