Topic: Tap tempo with midi footswitch controller

I 'm having difficulties with my g major 2 when trying to use the tap tempo with my engl Z15 midi footswitch.
I do go into the mod menu and the select midi learn but when i chose a button on my footswitch it still changes the channel. How can i assign a particular button to a tap tempo function. Do i have to change something on my footswitch before trying to use it as a tap tempo?

I mainly use acoustics and am not used to those kinds of machines. So sorry for those random questions.


Re: Tap tempo with midi footswitch controller

Hi Laurent,

please check in the "MOD" menu of your G-Major2 that Tap tempo and "RLY1" and "Rly2" are not set to the same Midi CC.  sounds like they are. in order to fix it, just disable the the Midi CC for the relays in the Mod menu.

Re: Tap tempo with midi footswitch controller

Hi thanx for the answer bot the rly 1 and Rly2 options are off in my mod menu and i still have the same probleme when i try to set this tap tempo option.
CAn it come from my midi footswitch?

Re: Tap tempo with midi footswitch controller

are you using the G-major's relays to change channels on your amp or is the Engl switch switching the amp channels directly?

i just looked at the product description and the Z-15 has 4 relays build in.  You should make sure to use a switch on your Midi controller that isn't hardwired to any other function.